Thursday, January 17, 2013

1 Month mark!

It's officially been over a month at site now. First off, I've got a new address so for those of you who would like to send me mail, my new address is this:

Alison Nord
Box 34
Mpwapwa, Dodoma, Tanzania

Email is also easier for me to check than fb, so feel free to send me emails as well!

Life is going well in the village. Spent Christmas and New Year's in the village, which turned out to be nice and relaxing. I've also eaten those most meat I think I've ever eaten before in my life in the village, but hey when your new family slaughter's a goat to celebrate the New Year you can't say no. Spending my time learning about the village and meeting new people - I've even been given a new tribal name (Matika) which makes people happy. The name means one who was born during the time people are eating a lot of corn, which I'm assuming has something to do with the harvest season. Right now it's the rainy season though and people are busy farming. It hasn't rained in a week though and the water pump is out again, so ironically water is still a problem now. I spend most of my time with a mama here who has taken me in as one of her own daughters. She also appreciates my dancing and one of my new past times is walking down the main road dancing to Shakira's Waka waka that my mama plays on her phone. People are going to stare at me anyways, might as well give them a show.

That's all for now, sorry about no pictures, hard to upload...


  1. Hi Ali :)
    Hope it rains soon for you!

  2. Do you have a new e-mail address? Hope it rains for you as well!

  3. Hi, My name is Amani and I am a potential PCV that may join the Dodoma population while working with the Mirembe School of Nursing. Part of my indecision is based on the Dodoma lifestyle. From what I'm learning, Dar es Salaam seems to be the city life, while Dodoma is village like. Do you have any insight that could give me a clearer picture of daily living in Dodoma? Thanks so much in advance!